“South to the future!”

The Victorian Alaskans’ Advisory Of Melbourne is dedicated to forwarding the concerns of our private membership. There is no way to join for uninitiates. There is no formal agenda for the organisation nor a registered body; it is simply a loose collective of people you will never meet.

There are a number of benefits to being a member. In addition to those benefits as understood by our private members, we are very well connected within the city of Melbourne. We can point you in the direction of appropriate Melbourne Au Pair Agencies, generators and accountants. We also offer access to South Yarra Appartments and Melbourne hotels.

There are a number of opportunities available for members,we can help to find au pairs in Melbourne and if you are travelling over to Perth, check out Buggybuddys for things to do with kids in Perth. There are other opportunities including Melbourne Fringe and shows in St Kilda.

So please do not attempt to contact us today. Rather, hope that your connections in the Melbourne Alaskan community lead us to invite you to join our exclusive league. We will find you if you are amongst the best.